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TrueERP and Stone / Concrete

Stone / Concrete

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By tracking leads, with prospects etc; ratios can be created giving a record of rate of return, not only against products but also against sales representatives.

Sale Leads Tracking

Full follow-up prompting of all prospects, leads and or customers . This will automatically load, as per the user when logging onto any computer on the network.

Barcode Picking

This is undoubtedly one of the best automated warehouse features around, as it virtually removes human error in the warehouse picking and packing section. This module of TrueERP allows orders to be placed in the office, the warehouse then completes the order without touching the computer, by the use of a scanner. By scanning in their employee barcodes, the next prioritised picking slip will appear. TrueERP will then track how long it takes to pick the goods, and then how long it takes to pack the goods. In addition it will automatically count how many cartons or pallets are used to pack the goods in, with a complete record of what goods are in what carton. It will confirm that the correct amount of goods have been packed and once confirmed, will then automatically complete the invoice, print the required Consignment Notes, Delivery Dockets and Labels.

Multiple Warehouses

Run multiple warehouses in TrueERP, including what level of stock is in each. Do instant reports, on what is where, and what is selling from any location. Sales people can see at a glance where stock can be easily located. TrueERP will allow you to order stock for individual warehouses, or bulk order for all. Prices can be varied by percentage or dollar value per warehouse allowing different pricing levels per location.

Service Log

Each asset can be fully maintained and tracked via the service log. TrueERP will also log against the asset all work done, including any internal labour costs and products used.

Purchase Orders

Can be faxed, emailed or printed in multiple formats, all from the Purchase Order screen, The receipt of goods and the reconciliation of amount of invoice is all on the one form.

Multiple Stores

TrueERP will automatically track stock levels, changes and updates across multiple stores. These updates can be run real time or any set period you choose i.e. every hour, twice a day, end of day or even once a week. TrueERP will allow you to order stock for individual stores or bulk order for all.


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